Quality Policy

Quality Policy

- We provide the opportunity to our personnel to improve themselves, to take new responsibility and to increase their experience. Our management team are educated, honesty and expert in their work area; we also have wide range of technical team who is open to learn, who believes in the virtue of hard work and who has strong basic knowledge.

- Our management teams consist of people; who has adopted the mission and vision of our company, who works with all his/her skills and knowledge to achieve the goals and who is young, dynamic and understand the contemporary business principles.

- To make fully implementation of the requirements of the quality Management System of company and make continuous improvements of its effectiveness.

- To make continuously review of the Quality Policy to ensure the compliance with its customer needs and goals.

- To make further improvement of the goals which has occurred in accordance with its principle, by making continuously review.

- To enhance the power of competitiveness without making compensation of the quality concept in different conditions and environment for our company which reflects its local prestige and respect to the overseas and has entered to the foreign market.

- To be successful for its next task by using most advanced technologic potentiality with same quality with best nature in the served each business area.

- Having effective control and follow up possibility with modern management and information systems.

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